Obstructions in the Bike Lane

Road sign in bike lane

You're riding along in the bike lane and, all of a sudden, you come to some sort of obstruction in the lane.  It might be a large, sharp, dark-brown shard of what used to be a beer bottle, waiting to strike at your tires.  Maybe the grabbing tentacles of stickery blackberry briars are reaching out into … Continue reading Obstructions in the Bike Lane

How to hike the McKenzie River Trail from Eugene, Car-free

Kids on log bridge over river

On one of the last few days of August, having the looming realization that there were only a few days left before starting school again, we decided to give summer one last good hurrah. With the lower trailhead just over 50 miles from Eugene, the beautiful 26.5 mile long McKenzie River National Recreation Trail is a very popular trail among … Continue reading How to hike the McKenzie River Trail from Eugene, Car-free

My 5 Favorite Free Audio and Video PC Apps for DIY Digital Homeschool

boy with an InnoTab tablet

What happens when kids get a hold of a shiny new DVD or CD?  You're lucky if it will ever play again.  My solution is not to put a hard copy in my kids hands at all. Digital copies don't get scratched.  Scratched disks aren't the only problem with DVDs, though.  A lot of devices are … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Free Audio and Video PC Apps for DIY Digital Homeschool


Like many other homeschool families, we find ourselves spending a large portion of our time getting around to various classes and activities.  When we were in our minivan, I was amused by how fitting the term carschooling was.  I used to be concerned with things like how to transport school books without getting them all mashed up, … Continue reading Bikeschooling

Hiking Spencer’s Butte Via the City Bus

Kids at trailhead

My biggest concern about not replacing my minivan and going the summer car-free was thinking that we'd be stuck in town all summer and miss out on outdoor adventures. It was a silly fear really, when you consider that not having a car means that you are outside all of the time. We have plenty … Continue reading Hiking Spencer’s Butte Via the City Bus

Shakespeare and Bikes

Shakespeare Swordplay

My oldest daughter had a part in a community theater company, Free Shakespeare in the Park, again this summer. It's a serious production and a great opportunity for her to get to learn drama skills from some very talented people.  Most of our riding has been getting to and from Shakespeare rehearsals and performances. Almost all of the trip … Continue reading Shakespeare and Bikes