Shakespeare and Bikes

Shakespeare Swordplay

My daughter rehearsing a fight scene.

My oldest daughter had a part in a community theater company, Free Shakespeare in the Park, again this summer. It’s a serious production and a great opportunity for her to get to learn drama skills from some very talented people.  Most of our riding has been getting to and from Shakespeare rehearsals and performances. Almost all of the trip went along the Riverbank Bike Path and the Alder Street Cycle Track. Both routes are very comfortable for riding with kids, keeping us from being directly in contact with car traffic. It was about 8 miles each way to Amazon Park, a considerable ride for young legs. The rehearsals and performances are a big time commitment. Figure in the preparation and travel time for cycling, and you see how they have comprised a huge chunk of our lives for the last few months.

Bikes and Shakespeare

Bikes parked on the lawn with Shakespeare rehearsal in the background.

girl and bikes

Playing while waiting for her sister.

girls on bike path

Riding along the Amazon path.

Frozen Yogurt Stand

Waiting out the rain at a nearby frozen yogurt stand, Vanilla Jill’s.  While here, we received a call that rehearsal was cancelled on account of the weather.

Eating at Burrito Amigos

During another trip, eating at Burrito Amigos a block or so down the street from the park.  I would leave my daughter’s food in her handlebar basket, to get when she was able.

The people at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life bike shop are incredible!  We had a pedal and two chains break at different times on our way, which they happily fixed.  One of these times happened to be an hour after closing, and the guy got us up and running while he was locking up and heading home.  You couldn’t ask for better service than that!  They also charged less and did a better job than other bike shops in town I’ve dealt with recently.

Julius Caesar rehearsed four days a week through June and July.  Then, they rehearsed on Fridays and had performances Saturdays and Sundays the first four weeks in August.  Admission is free, making it a very economical outing.  Families bring picnics and enjoy the show from blankets and camp chairs.

FSITP Julius Caesar

Brutus to Lucius: “When, Lucius, when? awake, I say! what, Lucius!”

(Was Shakespeare a fly on the wall in my house?)

FSITP Julius Caesar

Conspirators: “Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!
Run hence, proclaim, cry it about the streets.”

FSITP Julius Caesar

Antony: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears”

Octavius: “So call the field to rest; and let’s away,
To part the glories of this happy day.”


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