Night Riders

Bike riding with lights at night

While it would be ideal for us to do all of our riding in the daylight, it wouldn’t be realistic. It was dark today by 6:30. The rain and clouds were no help in our attempt at savoring the last rays of sunlight. We frequently do find ourselves caught by the dark. Since the clocks are just about to fall back for the end of daylight savings, darkness will be creeping upon us even sooner.

When the sun won’t illuminate us, LED bulbs do, lots of them! We’ve received some pretty funny comments from passers-by. “Look, there goes Christmas.” “Don’t look into the light! I can’t help it. It’s too beautiful.” “That family uses way too many batteries!” (I have three battery chargers plugged in, at the moment.)

Tonight, we were especially enjoying how the world looks different at night. Because of the rain, the lamp posts cast an especially impressive glow. Glints of light reflected off of wet leaves. One of my daughters noted how the brilliant colors pressed onto the concrete are like a painting. We even rode across a bridge just to watch the columns of light dance on the river.







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