Picnic At Owen Rose Garden

Bike Picnic under Eugene Skinner's Cherry Tree

Owen Rose Garden is one of my family’s favorite picnicking spots.  It’s right along the River Bike Path and we pass it on so many trips.  It’s just far enough out for us to make it the perfect location for a break on a long ride, or to be the turn-around destination for a shorter ride.

Bike Picnic Under Eugene Skinner's Cherry Tree

This giant cherry tree is almost 170 years old and was planted by the city founder, Eugene Skinner.

Bicycle Picnic

Mountain Bike with Backpack Baskets

Burley Piccolo

Homeschool Books
Perfect spot to catch up on a little bit of school. (Life of Fred math, Apologia Young Explorers Botany, and a sketchbook nature journal)

Sketch of Bleeding Heart in nature journal Sketch of Bleeding Heart in nature journal.



Bee Pollenating Lupine

Bee Pollenating Lupine


Squirrel running up a tree

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