Montessori Phonics: Pink Level

Montessori Pink Phonics

Years ago, I made a lot of printable files for Montessori materials that I shared with a Yahoo group.  The group is inactive now, and so I’m putting these files here so that people may continue to use them.  You may use them, share them, and make any changes you like for your own use.  You may not sell them.

Montessori uses synthetic phonics.  The pink level of phonics is for children who know the letter sounds and are just starting to use blending to build words.  The words are mostly CVC, meaning they follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern.   The only words that are used are those that can be properly sounded out, using the single letter phonetic sounds the child has learned from the sandpaper letters.  There are only short vowel and no double letter consonant sounds.

Directions for making my pink phonetic reading material:

Montessori Pink Phonetic Reading Material


Pink Big Picture Cards

  • Pink Big Picture Card Labels: Print out on white cardstock, laminate,
    cut cards apart, glue numbers 1-6 on small envelope (library
    card envelopes work well) 1 on each, and paperclip to
    corresponding card with labels inside for that card.
  • Pink Big Picture Card Photos: Print out on normal white paper, cut
    1/8″ outside border, glue to large square on printed big picture
    card, glue numbers 1-6 from labels file 1 on back of each card,
    laminate, do not cut. Try to mix up photos so that each card has
    a mix of sounds.
  • Pink Big Picture Cards: Print out on 6 sheets pink cardstock.

Pink Big Picture Cards


Pink Sentence Cards

Pink Sentence Cards


Pink Small Picture Cards


Pink Secret Envelopes

  • Pink Secret Envelopes: Print on pink paper, cut out along gray lines so that
    there is a blank box remaining above each word, fold in half with
    printing inside. Mine are stored in 6 labeled numbered envelopes.
    My daughter likes this so there are many.
    Pink Secret Envelopes


Object Boxes (bags in my case)

  • Pink Word Cards For Objects :  Your objects likely vary, depending on what you can find.
    These are the ones we have. Printed on cardstock, laminated,
    cut. Print out object bag labels on pink paper, taped to
    gallon locking bags with cellophane tape.  Cards have a
    cover card numbered 1-6, paperclipped togetherwith cards
    for corresponding bag, stored in envelope inside box bags
    are stored in so as not to crunch labels.
    Pink Object Bags


Word Lists

  • Pink Word List Cards:   Print on pink cardstock. Print page 2 on back of page
    one, page 4 on back of page 3….. Laminate, cut to same size and
    cut margins so that words are centered.
    Pink Word List Cards


Pink Cooking Picture Book

  • Pink Cooking Picture Book Pages: Print on plain white paper. Print
    so that 1is back to back with 2, 3 back to 4, etc… For my printer,
    this means to take the page just as it comes out of the printer and
    put it back in the tray with the printed side up. Printers align
    differently for 2 sided printing.
  • Pink Cooking Picture Book Cover: Print picture book cover on pink
    cardstock. Cut the pages in half exactly
    (so that pages are 11″ X 4 1/4″.)
  • Stack them this way: Cover face down, title on left. Pic-mom and child
    cooking face up on left, words on right. Egg face up on left.
    Red bowl face up on left. Milk jug face up on left. Measuring
    cup face up on left. Spoon face up on left. Muffin tin face
    up on left. Pea pod face up on left. Pot n lid face up on
    left. And fry pan face up on left. Now you need to figure
    out how you are going to bind your book. I found it too thick
    to staple and too far in on the page for the stapler to reach. You
    could fold each page and punch holes along the crease in the
    same places on each page (like top, middle, and bottom) then
    lace ribbon through the holes, and tie. I ended up folding each
    page in half, placing the creases inside each other and sewing
    down the creases. My machine wouldn’t stitch through the paper,
    so I went back with needle and thread and hand stitched through
    the holes my machine punched for me. Then I cut a thin strip of
    pink paper and glued to the spine to reinforce the stitching. You
    will then need to trim the edges of the pages so they are all even.

Pink Cooking Picture Book Cover
Pink Cooking Picture Book Pages

Pink Action Words

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