Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: HTML in the Daily Schedule

Netbook and Pink Ear Buds

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One of my favorite features of Homeschool Skedtrack is the ability to write HTML code into a student’s daily schedule. The most obvious way this benefits the schedule is to write in HTML links. You can do more than that though. You can format text, include tables, list items vertically, post images, and even embed media right into the daily schedule.


Netbook and Ear Buds


I usually prefer the simplicity and clean look of basic links without embedded images and videos.  If you simply link to items, so that they open up in another window, the list will remain shorter and won’t use up as much ink if printing. If you are not printing, and would like visual elements, or to have items embeded directlly within the daily schedule, that is a possibility. Here are examples of three daily schedules. The first one has no links.  The second simply has items linked. The third one has items embeded within the page.


Calendar day without HTML screenshot:

skedtrack 1


Simple day calendar screenshot with HTML:

skedtrack 2


Elaborate day calendar screenshot with HTML:

skedtrack 3

Tomorrow I will post about code for basic HTML links.


Homeschool Student Studying Various Subjects

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