Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: Basic HTML Links and Documents

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Today, I’m writing about how to make hyperlinks in the schedule that allow you to connect to other elements outside of Homeschool Skedtrack.  It’s convenient to link directly to things within an assignment.
  • You can use HTML code in the description box of Edit Activities, as shown in the screenshot here:

skedtrack 4

  • Or, you can just click edit from the “Display Activities” page for an individual day’s activity, as in the screenshot shown below.

skedtrack 5

Here is the code to write a basic HTML hyperlink (or just link):

<a href=” URL “target=”_blank”> LINK TEXT </a>

Just copy this piece of code, and paste it into the assignment description box.  Then, copy the URL, or web address, for the link you want to insert.  Next, select where I have written URL in the code and paste the web address there.  Finally, select where I have written LINK TEXT and type what you want to name the link.  The link text will be the only part of this line of code that is visible and will be blue and underlined.  (Don’t forget to click on “Save”!)

The target attribute within this code will open the file in another window.  I do not want to loose my schedule when I click on an item.  Worse than that, I don’t want to have to keep coming back to the computer over and over to get my kids back to where they were.

In order to make HTML work, be sure you have unchecked the “Allow Activity Edit” box under Courses -> Edit. (Otherwise you just see the written code, instead of what it’s supposed to do.)  The effect will be visible in both the Today and Display Activities tabs.


In Homeschool Skedtrack the Activity Description box will only allow 1000 characters, which may not be as much room as you need.  Not to mention that it would make the daily schedule a mile long!  You may want to create a seperate document that has all the space you need.  Linking documents to Homeschool Skedtrack is easy.  First you need to upload a document to the web, like with a file sharing service such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox.  Make sure that the security settings will allow the person who is opening the file to have access.  Copy the URL given and include it in a hyperlink just as we did above.  You might do this for things like spelling lists, outlines, study questions, etc…  Many file sharing websites have free service for a limited amount of storage capacity.



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