Free Printables: Letters and Numbers of the Week

Letters of the Alphabet printable

I was asked to make the alphabet and numbers for a homeschool mom to post a letter and number of the week on her bulletin board.  I’m hoping that by posting the files here some other homeschoolers can benefit from them, also.  Feel free to use these files in any way that helps you educate.  These files are not to be sold.

Last summer, I picked up an older copy of Letter of the Week by The Mailbox Books Staff.  I’ve been doing these activities with my kindergartener in addition to our Montessori style phonics.  I’m planning to find a way to use these files in conjunction with these things.  I use the MontessoriScript font.  It closely resembles the traditional letterforms in the Montessori sandpaper letters.  Because the ‘f’ and ‘g’ are different letterforms that most people use, I have edited a more typical form.  You may want to omit any unnecessary pages for your use when printing.

Here are the numbers. You may notice that the colors correspond to the block colors of the Math-U-See and Mortensen blocks and are close to the Montessori Bead Stair.

The prints come from Vector Patterns.

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