Dismantling Computers For Recycling @ NextStep

My boy has been working on the Cub Scouts NOVA award: Tech Talk

BSA Cub Scout Tech Talk Icon

The purpose of this award is to give Scouts an avenue to explore technology, including what is a part of their everyday lives. One of the requirements is to visit a location where technology is used and to talk to someone there about how technology is used at that location.

My son and one of my daughters joined me for a volunteer orientation and spent the day dismantling computers for e-waste recycling. We took apart numerous desktop towers and removed and sorted most of the guts inside. These were things like the power supply, fans, heat sink, optical drives, hard drives, batteries, cords and ribbon wires, printed circuit boards, the motherboard, and all of the plastic and metal. It was quite an education to learn exactly what everything was.  My son was disappointed that we didn’t take electrical components off the circuit boards, but I’m sure we’re about to figure that out on our own anyway. We hope to keep coming back to volunteer and gain more experience.


NextStep Recycling


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