Logan Bread

logan bread

The kids and I have been preparing food to pack with us on an upcoming hiking/camping trip we hope to be taking the next few days.  Tonight we made a variation of Logan Bread, from "The Well-Fed Backpacker" by June Flemming.  My dad used to make this when I was a kid. Now my kids … Continue reading Logan Bread

Mount Pisgah Summit

Mt. Pisgah Summit View

My two younger kids and I hiked to the summit of Mt. Pisgah (actually a hill), today.  The summit trail is only 1.4 miles each way, but has an elevation gain of over 1000 feet!  Today was the hottest we've had yet this year at about 100°. I'm proud of my girl, who in today's heat pushed … Continue reading Mount Pisgah Summit

Free Printables: Letters and Numbers of the Week

Letters of the Alphabet printable

I was asked to make the alphabet and numbers for a homeschool mom to post a letter and number of the week on her bulletin board.  I'm hoping that by posting the files here some other homeschoolers can benefit from them, also.  Feel free to use these files in any way that helps you educate.  … Continue reading Free Printables: Letters and Numbers of the Week

Pucker Producer

Oxalis oregano (Redwood sorrel)

Edible plant of the day. Oxalis oregano (Redwood sorrel). Sometimes called false shamrock. This is the PNW native variety. It's the field green version of Sour Patch Kids, and few of these are sure to produce a pucker because of oxalic acid. They're a good source of vitamin C.  Remember that today, when you see a … Continue reading Pucker Producer

Skunk Cabbage at McGowan Creek

Lysichiton americanus along McGowan Creek, near where the McKenzie river meets the Willamette River.

Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: Inserting HTML Images

Computer with Michelangelo's David head on screen with art work

Today, I'm talking about inserting images into Homeschool Skedtrack with HTML. We all know that images add richness to things we are learning. Sometimes they are crucial to the idea being learned. Some of us are visual learners and seeing pictures and graphics help us learn a concept more quickly and more fully. Examples of … Continue reading Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: Inserting HTML Images

Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: Basic HTML Links and Documents

Today, I'm writing about how to make hyperlinks in the schedule that allow you to connect to other elements outside of Homeschool Skedtrack.  It's convenient to link directly to things within an assignment. Hyperlinks  You can use HTML code in the description box of Edit Activities, as shown in the screenshot here: Or, you can … Continue reading Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: Basic HTML Links and Documents

Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: HTML in the Daily Schedule

Netbook and Pink Ear Buds

One of my favorite features of Homeschool Skedtrack is the ability to write HTML code into a student's daily schedule. The most obvious way this benefits the schedule is to write in HTML links. You can do more than that though. You can format text, include tables, list items vertically, post images, and even embed … Continue reading Planning with Homeschool Skedtrack: HTML in the Daily Schedule

Montessori Phonics: Pink Level

Montessori Pink Phonics

Years ago, I made a lot of printable files for Montessori materials that I shared with a Yahoo group.  The group is inactive now, and so I'm putting these files here so that people may continue to use them.  You may use them, share them, and make any changes you like for your own use.  … Continue reading Montessori Phonics: Pink Level

Planning With Homeschool Skedtrack

Homeschool Materials on a Bed

The Homeschool Skedtrack website says it is a, "FREE online lesson planner, scheduler, and tracking system rolled into one."  It certainly does more than just lesson planning.  You can either plan lessons in advance, or record work after it has been completed.  It keeps track of hours and days if you need attendance info for your … Continue reading Planning With Homeschool Skedtrack