Trail Riding

girl trail riding on a mountain bike

Today was a beautiful day, giving a full dose of sunshine!  My middle daughter and I rode to her music lesson.  She's a vocalist and learning to play piano.  On the way home, we got the chance to get off the bike path and ride some trails.   Pluto, the last (former) planet in The Eugene, … Continue reading Trail Riding

To Infinity and Beyond the Bike Path

Buzz Lightyear bungeed to a Piccolo

Today, after riding to my youngest daughter's ballet class, my son and I continued on down the River Bike Path to Skinner's Butte Park. Buzz Lightyear came along, transforming the ride into an imagined outer space expedition. Buzz is bungeed to a bicycle! Is this standard issue? Playing at RiverPlay Playground at Skinner's Butte Park. My boy standing next … Continue reading To Infinity and Beyond the Bike Path

Grocery Shopping: Oversized Load On A Not-At-All-Cargo Bike

bike overloaded with groceries

Ever get the urge to test the cargo capacity of a regular bike?  How about a cheapo Walmart bike?  This was a lot of groceries to pack home, about 5 miles.  Most of the time, I shop frequently and bring home less in one trip. This was a very heavy load and the bike handled much … Continue reading Grocery Shopping: Oversized Load On A Not-At-All-Cargo Bike

12-year-old’s own Earth Day clean-up

kids doing neighborhood clean up on bikes

My 12-year-old daughter is becoming interested in ecology, and was raring to take some sort of action on this Earth Day! She has been reading about Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots program and wants to find some local thing similar to it that she can get involved with.  Not willing to wait for someone to hand her an … Continue reading 12-year-old’s own Earth Day clean-up

Night Riders

Bike riding with lights at night

While it would be ideal for us to do all of our riding in the daylight, it wouldn’t be realistic. It was dark today by 6:30. The rain and clouds were no help in our attempt at savoring the last rays of sunlight. We frequently do find ourselves caught by the dark. Since the clocks … Continue reading Night Riders

Mother-Daughter Fall Ride

Girl on bike looking over bridge to duckpond

My Husband is home from work now, so I got to ride with my oldest daughter to her class, today. We rarely get an opportunity to do anything, just the two of us. It was a beautiful fall day to be able to enjoy some time together.

Picking the Kids Up With bikes?

Towing a bike with bungee cords: side-view

Yesterday afternoon, two of the girls had a ballet rehearsal. Friends stopped by, just before it was time to leave. We ended up with too little travel time to ride, so my friend gave them a lift. Since they didn't ride their bikes to rehearsal, they didn't have them there to ride home.  Time to improvise!!! … Continue reading Picking the Kids Up With bikes?


Like many other homeschool families, we find ourselves spending a large portion of our time getting around to various classes and activities.  When we were in our minivan, I was amused by how fitting the term carschooling was.  I used to be concerned with things like how to transport school books without getting them all mashed up, … Continue reading Bikeschooling

Shakespeare and Bikes

Shakespeare Swordplay

My oldest daughter had a part in a community theater company, Free Shakespeare in the Park, again this summer. It's a serious production and a great opportunity for her to get to learn drama skills from some very talented people.  Most of our riding has been getting to and from Shakespeare rehearsals and performances. Almost all of the trip … Continue reading Shakespeare and Bikes