In Which We Are Watched Like Hawks

Boy in Giant Bird Nest

The Cascades Raptor Center is offering free admission this week last week, in celebration of their 25th anniversary. "Through wildlife rehabilitation and public education, Cascades Raptor Center fosters a connection between people and birds of prey. Our goal is to help the human part of the natural community learn to value, understand, and honor the … Continue reading In Which We Are Watched Like Hawks

Night Riders

Bike riding with lights at night

While it would be ideal for us to do all of our riding in the daylight, it wouldn’t be realistic. It was dark today by 6:30. The rain and clouds were no help in our attempt at savoring the last rays of sunlight. We frequently do find ourselves caught by the dark. Since the clocks … Continue reading Night Riders

Mother-Daughter Fall Ride

Girl on bike looking over bridge to duckpond

My Husband is home from work now, so I got to ride with my oldest daughter to her class, today. We rarely get an opportunity to do anything, just the two of us. It was a beautiful fall day to be able to enjoy some time together.

My 5 Favorite Free Audio and Video PC Apps for DIY Digital Homeschool

boy with an InnoTab tablet

What happens when kids get a hold of a shiny new DVD or CD?  You're lucky if it will ever play again.  My solution is not to put a hard copy in my kids hands at all. Digital copies don't get scratched.  Scratched disks aren't the only problem with DVDs, though.  A lot of devices are … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Free Audio and Video PC Apps for DIY Digital Homeschool


Like many other homeschool families, we find ourselves spending a large portion of our time getting around to various classes and activities.  When we were in our minivan, I was amused by how fitting the term carschooling was.  I used to be concerned with things like how to transport school books without getting them all mashed up, … Continue reading Bikeschooling