Exploring the Solar System on Bicycles

Solar System Model

The Eugene, Oregon Scale Model of the Solar System was created by a father and son to show relative sizes and distances between the planets and the Sun.  The planets are steel balls set upon pyramids with information panels positioned along Eugene's Willamette river Riverbank bike path.  The scale is 1:1 billion and dimensions are taken from the … Continue reading Exploring the Solar System on Bicycles

Over Bridge and Under Fountain

Fountain at EWEB's River Edge Plaza

Peter DeFazio Bicycle Bridge Fountain at EWEB's River Edge Plaza My new bike set-up Sidalcea oregana (Oregon Checker Mallow) Aquilegia Formosa (Red Columbine )

Kidical Mass Fancy Pants (Tweed) Ride

Bikes at Kidical Mass Ride

I've been wanting to go on a Kidical Mass ride for about a year. My kids' have had activities with time conflicts each time. Last Saturday, it turned out that my oldest daughter got a ride to her function with a friend and the rest of us weren't going. It happened to be the day of … Continue reading Kidical Mass Fancy Pants (Tweed) Ride

Spring Wildflowers Along the Willamette River

Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus)

This is likely to become a series of posts about wildflowers. I'm very interested in our native plants, wildflowers and edible plants in particular.  These aren't all necessarily indigenous.  I'll be looking for other varieties, and hopefully I have a camera handy when I find them! Cow Parsnip (Heracleum maximum) This native plant towers above my daughter's head … Continue reading Spring Wildflowers Along the Willamette River

Picnic At Owen Rose Garden

Bike Picnic under Eugene Skinner's Cherry Tree

Owen Rose Garden is one of my family's favorite picnicking spots.  It's right along the River Bike Path and we pass it on so many trips.  It's just far enough out for us to make it the perfect location for a break on a long ride, or to be the turn-around destination for a shorter … Continue reading Picnic At Owen Rose Garden

Trail Riding

girl trail riding on a mountain bike

Today was a beautiful day, giving a full dose of sunshine!  My middle daughter and I rode to her music lesson.  She's a vocalist and learning to play piano.  On the way home, we got the chance to get off the bike path and ride some trails.   Pluto, the last (former) planet in The Eugene, … Continue reading Trail Riding

Making Liquid Sunshine Lemonade

bike tires reflected in puddle

If the weather gives you lemons...  We've all been taking turns with a bug that has left us feeling under the weather.  Our energy is still a little drained and we are having a hard time jumping back into our normal routines.  I actually love the rain, but I woke up with a craving for sunshine, as if soaking … Continue reading Making Liquid Sunshine Lemonade

Night Riders

Bike riding with lights at night

While it would be ideal for us to do all of our riding in the daylight, it wouldn’t be realistic. It was dark today by 6:30. The rain and clouds were no help in our attempt at savoring the last rays of sunlight. We frequently do find ourselves caught by the dark. Since the clocks … Continue reading Night Riders

Mother-Daughter Fall Ride

Girl on bike looking over bridge to duckpond

My Husband is home from work now, so I got to ride with my oldest daughter to her class, today. We rarely get an opportunity to do anything, just the two of us. It was a beautiful fall day to be able to enjoy some time together.